Vintage Mystery Saber! Handmade, One-of-One! Can be Upgraded with Electronics!



Handmade by Starfall Sabers. Estimated 16-18 week lead-time. 





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You are purchasing a custom, handmade saber constructed from VINTAGE CAMERA FLASH PARTS! Made by Nick Cohen of Starfall Sabers. It will be a COMPLETE surprise saber. The original trilogy sabers were made from vintage camera flash parts along with other found materials. This special edition mystery saber will be made in a similar fashion. 

It is empty (no electronics, no switch holes*) but can be prepped for an install**(see below). You can be assured it will be unique, well made and aesthetically cohesive with the Star Wars universe and my past work. 

Thanks for considering!

*Saber is empty (no electronics) but can accept an install. Message me for a list of my approved installers that I partner with.

**If you would like the saber prepped for install, I will provide switch solutions, a custom chassis for your saber and a YouTube video giving overall install instructions. Price for this “Install Prep” service is $50 and is an available add-on.

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